Other Services

Here at Safe and Sound we have vast experience in all forms of electronic security including access control and automated gates and barriers.


We can provide electronic door and gate entry systems that can be either fob or keypad controlled, and can install intercoms linked directly to your phones to allow you to provide access even when your not at the property. Intercoms can be linked to CCTV systems to provide recorded images improving the general security of houses, business and farms.


Automated gates are a growing increasingly more popular with businesses, private residences and schools. We can work alongside a local craftsman to design and build whatever style of gate you require including single and double opening gates, or sliding gates. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and arrange a survey.


Farms are often the most difficult areas to secure but we can utilise the latest technology to provide a solution. This is often in the form of active beams that can protect buildings, machinery, diesel tanks without unwanted false alarms. This type of system, linked to a network connected CCTV recorder and/or telephone dialler can prove an effective solution for remote sites.